Sunday, May 9, 2010

There's No Such Thing as a Failed Story

If you want to get short stories published, you will need more than just talent. You'll need more than just hard work, too. What you need is perseverance. Perseverance is partly about hard work, most about patience, and all about emotional resilience.

Read the article There's No Such Thing as a Failed Story by John Smolens at the Writer's Digest website. Firstly, it's down-to-earth in its realistic assessment of the average writer's chances at "success". This may seem depressing, but while making you open your eyes to reality, the article also encourages you to persevere.

As the title says, there's no such thing as a "failed" story. Each story you write teaches you something else about how to write; about what works, and what doesn't. You only know if you're going to write a great story after you've sat down and written it, not before. If it turns out to be not that great, learn from it, and write the next one.

Of course: preserving is only worthwhile if getting published is really your goal. Do you really want to get published? If so, then keep learning, and keep going.