Monday, December 28, 2009

Moonrat's Guide to Getting Published

Moonrat is a "recovering editorial assistant" and blogs about the publshing industry at Editorial Ass. Moonrat is part of a growing group of publishing industry insiders sharing their experience and advice using blogs. If you want to get published, free advice from people like Moonrat is exceptionally good value for money.

Have a read of Moonrat's Guide to Getting Published. In this brief article, Moonrat shares four important points about how to get published. One of the most important, and easily overlooked, is her second point: Build up your platform while you're writing. Nobody starts as a best-selling novelist (almost). Building your platform is part of the publishing journey. Get to where you're going with achievable steps, and celebrate each victory along the way, however small. Enjoy the journey.

The other vital point that Moonrat makes is: Be a fantastic writer. This is important, not only to get published, but also to be true to yourself and who you're trying to be.

If you'd like to get published, I'd encourage you to first read Moonrat's Guide, then browse around the other content in Editorial Ass. If you like what you see, subscribe.

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